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Commissioned Research

Finalized in early 2020, JLD commissioned Dr. Tom Daniels of UPENN to outline 6 case studies of successful implementation of agricultural land preservation and affordable housing projects across the United States. In April of 2021 Professor Daniels shared his conclusions and insights with the greater community and policymakers of Napa County. Watch webinar recording here (YouTube) and download the report here.

Napa Valley Vine Trail Support

In both 2017 and 2023, we granted multi-year pledges to the Napa Valley Vine Trail, and contributed educational plaques located along the trail near Oak Knoll and Calistoga, which display the history of the Ag Preserve for the greater community.

Million Trees Napa initiative

In 2023, our board donated to the Million Trees Napa initiative administered by Napa RCD to enable habitat enhancement, community education & engagement programs across Napa County.

History of Napa Ag Preserve Exhibit

Created in 2019, this multimedia traveling exhibit on the history of the Napa County Agricultural Preserve has been displayed at the Napa Valley Museum, Culinary Institute of America, COPIA, and Napa Valley College. Stay tuned for our next exhibit location!

Oral Histories publication

A project funded by the JLD Ag Fund and spearheaded by former board member, Rue Ziegler, Ph.D., this publication transcribes her interviews with leaders who witnessed or participated in the creation of the Napa County Agricultural Preserve. The first edition was released in 2012, and the second edition in 2016.

Listen to the interviews and view the book under Audiovisual Archives.

Supporting School Ag Programs

For multiple years, our fund has supported the following youth ag education programs:

  • Ag in the Classroom across Napa County schools

  • Ag Program at St. Helena High School

  • Stonebridge Elementary School agriculture program

  • The LandSmart program at Napa RCD, educating youth on preservation.

  • Student & Landowner Education and Watershed Project (SLWES) with Napa RCD

  • St. Helena High Ag Boosters for construction of teaching facilities and green house.

  • Vintage High Ag program for material, equipment and tools.

  • Acorn Soupe for Public Awareness and Education Program

50th Anniversary of Napa Ag Preserve Live Lot for Auction Napa Valley

In 2018, our board orchestrated an auction lot filled with boutique Napa wines and curated local experiences in celebration of the Ag Preserve's 50th Anniversary for the annual community fundraiser, Auction Napa Valley.

Collaboration with Napa Land Trust

On multiple occasions, funds were granted to support the Land Trust of Napa County's educational public conference regarding Conservation Easements. And in 2007, funds were awarded to LTNC for the purchase of Wildlake Ranch.

Agriculture Conference Sponsorships

In 2012, the JLD Ag Fund sponsored the California Association of Local Agency Formation Commissions statewide conference. (CALAFCO serves as an organization dedicated to assisting member LAFCos with educational, technical and legislative resources that otherwise would not be available.)

In 2013, the JLD Ag Fund sponsored the California Farmland Preservation Conference, a statewide conference highlighting the successes, defining the obstacles and exploring new directions for conserving California agricultural land.

High School Scholarships

Each year, we provide college tuition scholarships of up to $2,500 to graduating high school seniors across Napa County who are pursuing studies in agriculture. (More details)

  • Six scholarships awarded in 2023

  • Eight scholarships awarded in 2022

  • Nine scholarships awarded in 2021

  • Five scholarships awarded in 2020

  • Five scholarships awarded in 2019

  • Five scholarships awarded in 2018

Napa Valley College Foundation: Volker Eisele Endowment

In 2022, our board created an endowment fund of $25,000, to support tuition expenses for Napa Valley college students pursuing studies in agriculture. Each year, the Napa Valley College Foundation chooses one recipient to receive the scholarship which was named in honor of late board member and vintner, Volker Eisele.

Napa County Ag Preserve Marcations

In 2018, for the 50th anniversary of the Napa Ag Preserve, JLD Ag Fund sponsored signage designating "Now Entering Napa's Ag Preserve" located at the north and south entrances to the Napa County Ag Preserve, along the Silverado Trail.

Mapping Project with GreenInfo Network

In 2016, to support our engagements with community members and policymakers, we commissioned and completed an analytical Mapping Project highlighting areas where agriculture is protected or at-risk throughout the Napa County Ag Preserve, Ag Watershed, conservation easements, in addition to areas potentially at risk of development or subdivision.

Napa Ag Preserve Commemorative Plaque

JLD funded and designed a commemorative plaque for the 40th anniversary of the Ag Preserve, which was installed in the lobby of the Napa County Administration building.

Defending Measure J in the Supreme Court

In 1997, JLD Ag Fund awarded funds to the Napa County Farm Bureau to offset costs associated with legal research which was necessary to defend Measure J in the Supreme Court.

Napa County community projects & programs

JLD Ag Fund has funded many projects and programs that raise awareness in the Napa community about the importance of ag land protection:

  • Napa Earth Day

  • Leadership Napa Valley

  • Preservation Napa Valley's "Historic Barn Tour" events

  • Napa Historical Society's "Harvesting History" project

  • Ag Preserve display at Napa Valley Museum

  • Events for the 40th anniversary of the Napa Ag Preserve in 2008

  • 50th Anniversary community-wide campaign in 2018

Past Policy Work

  • In 2002, we funded a Napa County Land Use Analysis research paper which compared the economic impacts of resort hotels vs. permitted warehouse/office use.

  • In 2004, funding was provided to support Measure Q, R and S campaigns.

  • In 2006, grants for legal review and research of Measure J and the 2020 Sunset Clause.

  • In 2007, we granted additional funding for legal research on the extension of Measure J.

  • In 2010, we funded research on the housing needs assessment & available urban land inventory in Napa County.

  • In 2000, funds were granted to the Jack L. Davies Napa County Agricultural Land Preservation Fund to update the ABAG Housing Demands Study.

  • In 2001-2002, JLD granted funds to the Napa County Farm Bureau to assist in funding legal research on conversion of ag grazing land in the south county area to a hotel/resort/conference center.

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