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Our primary goal is simple: to conserve a valuable, non-renewable resource – Napa Valley agricultural land, which includes the Napa County Agricultural Preserve. Our objective is to preserve the unique agricultural, rural, and small-town environment presently enjoyed by the community at large.
We work towards our primary goal in two major ways. First, by funding continual education about the importance and contribution of agriculture to our community. Secondly, whenever the agriculture lands of Napa County may be threatened, our organization takes the initiative by supporting land use and planning research.
Our organization was born of three separate funds which found strength in joining together. As a group, we serve as a resource ready strategic partner, and source of funding for others who contribute to agricultural land preservation objectives. Our Board of Directors meets 4-6 times per year to consider grants, other opportunities, and to discuss ways on how to protect the future of Napa County’s agriculture.

The JLD Ag Fund raises money through the proceeds of public fundraising efforts, private donations, and the sales of Querencia Brut Rosé, a wine created and produced by the Davies family of Schramsberg. We are also registered with the 1% for the Planet program enabling businesses to donate 1% of their business profits to agricultural preservation in Napa County.

In 2014, we reached our endowment goal, and each year plan on providing up to $50,000 in annual community enhancing grants pursuant to our mission of preserving, protecting, and promoting agricultural lands in Napa County.

Stated Goals of The Jack L. Davies Napa Valley Agricultural Land Preservation Fund

  1. To preserve and enhance the agricultural heritage of the Napa Valley through research, education, and stewardship of the county’s agricultural lands. To support patterns of land use and human activities that preserve and enhance the Agricultural Preserve concept and fact.

  2. To encourage and support the appropriate use of land through good land use planning as a means to enhance the character and future of Napa Valley.

  3. Encourage and support awareness, education, and conservation programs, projects and activities that promote the preservation and stewardship of agricultural lands, including broad public participation in the agricultural decision making process through publications, public forums and printed material.

  4. Promote the sustainable use of agricultural lands and encourage the development and implementation of technology and practices that minimize the intrusion of urban uses into agricultural areas.

  5. Support patterns of land use and human activities that preserve agriculture, promote environmental quality and a high quality of human life.



Would you like us to consider funding your project?

Organizations, programs, and projects supported by the JLD Ag Fund are directly related to the preservation, protection and/or promotion of agricultural land and agriculture in Napa County, in keeping with the ideals set forward in our Mission and Goals. Programs or projects should occur in Napa County and should directly benefit Napa County. The JLD Ag Fund suggests alternative options for multi-year proposals or funding of ongoing operating expenses.

If your proposal meets the guidelines above, please submit a brief letter via email outlining your proposal. We will contact you for more information if necessary, and to coordinate a presentation to the JLD Ag Fund board. The JLD Ag Fund board meets 4-6 times per year. Inquiries should be initiated 2-3 months prior to the desired time review period.

Aldo Delfino Memorial High School Scholarship 

The JLD Ag Fund is proud to support the Aldo Delfino Memorial High School Scholarship program, in partnership with the Napa County Farm Bureau for Napa County's graduating high school seniors pursuing studies in agriculture, public policy, environmental studies, or other related fields. Since 2017, multiple scholarships of up to $2,500 have been granted to qualified applicants to help cover tuition expenses of their first year of college or university. Included in the application is an essay where students are asked to define the Napa Ag Preserve and explain its importance to Napa County. There is also an oral interview at the Napa County Farm Bureau on a mutually agreed date in the early Spring. Find the application on the NCFB Foundation websiteGood luck!

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